Welcome to iWheat.org!

Watch a 2 minute video to learn how to use this site:

We will provide you with news and progress on desktop modules, smartphone apps, and other developments as soon as information is available. Please be patient with us, this is a work in progress!

We are using two sites to coordinate our efforts. The iwheat.org site is used to provide you with resources for wheat management, including publications and production guides, videos, and wheat-related news articles. A more recent development in iWheat program is the creation of the sub-domain, my.iwheat.org. This new site provides access to more dynamic content including decision tools, diagnostic guides, cultivar selection, pest sampling, and mapping. The my.iwheat.org site is designed to be user-friendly on mobile devices to allow management decisions to be made in the field. Register for a free account to use the decision tools on my.iwheat.org!

To learn more about iWheat and how you can get involved, visit the Project Overview sections of the site.